Sales is still stuck in the 90’s. Are you currently experiencing the following?

· High pressure to make 50–100 cold calls a day

· High pressure to fill your pipeline as much as possible, even with misfit prospects

· Pressure to lie and tell your buyers what you think they want to hear

· Constant frustration with rejections and “No” decisions

· Prospects “ghosting” on you

· Buyers negotiating hard for a discount

· Inexperience and limited training on how to sell using video calls.

The sad reality is that your buyers have raced ahead of your sales training. The…

Success isn’t just about the skills and knowledge you acquire; it is about the person you become. You are the product of how you conduct yourself every day. Your habits determine how you conduct yourself.

Success and happiness don’t always happen through a single moment. They happen through many small moments in your life that will lead to the major breakthroughs.

So, the question you need to ask yourself is:

“What are my daily habits, and are they building me up for success and happiness?”

1. Wake up on time

How you start your day will determine how you conduct and end your day. Time…

Just a month ago, virtual assistant firm Vaiot created a new platform that was able to sell car insurance without any human assistance. This is a big deal. Until now, digital technology has been used to optimise some parts of the sales process. However, human touch has always been required at some stage of the sales cycle. Now, they have managed to do so without any human involvement in the complete end-to-end sales process.

Does this mean that B2B sellers are going to be replaced by AI and robots? Not likely. So why are such developments still a threat to…

“This is an absolute nightmare! No one is buying, I am stressed out trying to manage our sales, our finances, and we will shortly run out of money.”

Believe it or not, these were the words spoken by a sales leader during the recession of 2008. A lot of business leaders are saying the same now during the Coronavirus lockdown and the coming recession.

A recent survey found that 80% of SME leaders and sales leaders are not confident in both their growth plan and their sales team for the coming recession. That is a scary figure! …

“What the hell are we going to do now?”

“No one is buying, and they’re saying there is no money.”

These words were spoken by one of my colleagues back in 2008. Our sales team was celebrating a great Q1 and Q2. We were on track to achieve our yearly target by October and achieve over 120% for the year. Heady times for sure. Then disaster struck. …

Fear, tension, worry. These are some of the emotions that are heightened in the world right now. Thankfully we are also seeing plenty of other emotions at the other end of the spectrum: kindness, generosity, support, love, gratitude, and hope. As with all situations of crisis or hard times, each one of us has a choice: either you give in to emotions that are disempowering and will not serve you well, or you find a way to shift your mindset and focus to more empowering emotions. Napoleon Hill said that the greatest power we have is the power of our…

How a buyer buys
How a buyer buys

A few years ago, one of my high-performers asked me, “I feel that all the new training programs are only giving me incremental improvements. Earlier in my career, I used to experience much bigger improvements. I don’t want to say that I have little more to learn. I really can’t accept that as I know I have so much further to go. Where can I learn more techniques that will continue to advance my sales skills and results?”

My answer, “Your problem isn’t that there is less information out there to help you, nor is it about the possibility that…

There are a lot of articles, research and books that describe the traits and skills of high-performance salespeople. The problem is they don’t help demonstrate how you can develop and enhance those traits. If top athletes are made through their daily habits, then what are the daily habits that create high-performance sales professionals?

My research and interviews with top performers have found that there are 8 common, daily habits.

1) Setting Daily Goals

It is no surprise that to be successful in sales you must be goal-orientated. But, it’s the daily goals that are vital to success. …

We have all heard how important it is to listen to someone when they are speaking. At a young age, you were likely taught that it is polite to listen to someone when they are talking and certainly impolite to interrupt someone. As you grew up, you will have also learned the value of listening as an effective engagement tool, both in business and social events. There are several books dedicated to this topic and the benefits of mastering this skill. However, a lot (not all) of the text out there fail to address a massive gap. For entrepreneurs, sales…

Following my last 2 articles, you have connected with someone, you have shared with them a powerful idea with powerful imagery of a new and better way. Now you need to convince them to act. We see examples of this everywhere. Marketing experts talk about having a ‘call to action’ in your advertising; sales experts talk about ‘closing’. Whatever the terminology, the ultimate objective is to get someone to take the action you desire.

In order to understand how to get someone to act, you first need to understand what will prevent them from doing so.

We have all heard…

Moeed Amin

Persuasion and sales expert using cognitive neuroscience & psychology and sales best practices.

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